Escort RedLine | Best Radar Detector Review 2017

A radar detector can potentially save you from getting a speeding ticket.

When you are within the city limits, the chances of getting a ticket are less as you have the traffic around you to keep you in check.

You can also monitor your speed based on other vehicles. But when you are on the highways, you are bound to press on that accelerator, and test the speed of the vehicle.

When you do go over the speed limit, you would find a cop right at your tail, to give you a speeding ticket.

In order to avoid this, you need a good detector that can detect both radar and laser signals. You need a laser detector too, because many law enforcement units laser guns too.

The Redline Radar detector from Escort will ensure you are safe from the law enforcement units and don’t get a speeding ticket. It is one of the most sensitive devices available in the market today and has many features that maximises its performance.

Review of the Main Features: Escort RedLine

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Some of the most important and impressive features of Escort RedLine Radar Detector are:

Dual Detector – It can detect both radar and laser signals. This way, you are safe from both types of guns that are used to check the speed of the vehicle. You don’t need a separate unit for laser detection.

Dual Antenna – The Redline radar has two separate antennas that enhance the performance of the detector. It can pick different bands more efficiently at a wider range, thus giving you a long warning.

Long Range – The range of detection offered by this device is quite impressive. It provides a long range, giving you enough time to act upon the warning. Last minute warnings might result in you cutting speed abruptly, thereby causing accidents or damage to your vehicle. When you can’t cut down the speed, you will get caught.

Display – The display on the unit is LED lit and is alphanumeric. It is bright and can be read easily from any angle. The alerts are accompanied by the strength of the radar signal, thus enabling you to know how close the radar is. All it requires is a passing glance when you hear the alarm.

Separate Alerts – When you are on the road, your detector will pick up different types of signals. If all are notified in the same manner, you are bound to get confused and will require you to check every time, to know what signal it is. This device gives separate alerts for different bands, thereby enabling you to differentiate with ease.

Auto Mode – One of the biggest problems you face in radar detectors is false alarms. This detector has an auto mode which reduces the occurrence of false alarms.

Stealth – Law enforcement these days have special detectors to detect your radar detectors. If your detector sends out a signal, it will be picked up and result in you getting caught. This detector from Escort uses total shield technology, which enables it to be totally invisible to such radar detector detectors.

Auto Mute – You can set the volume at which you want your alerts. Once the device warns you at the set volume, the volume decreases automatically. This ensures you are not disturbed with a full volume alert throughout. Not only will this disturb your conversation or driving, but will also irritate you.

Controls At Reach – The smartplug power cord is an easy reach and you can mute your alerts without having to reach for the detector itself.

Easy Installation – Installing this detector is easy and straight forward. All you have to do is use the quick release mount and attach the device to the windshield of your car. When you don’t want the detector, you can remove it in no time.

SWS – The safety warning system uses a k-band radar that is modified, to warn you about the various hazards on the road. It warns you about constructions or maintenance works on the highway, highway hazard zone advisories, weather hazards, fast/slow moving vehicles and travel information.

The 60 different warning messages can be displayed on your detector screen, thus keeping you safe on the road.

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Negative Points

No GPS – this detector does not have an in-built GPS system. Hence, no notifications about the red lights, speed cameras, etc that are fixed in a location.

Over Priced – This detector is on the higher end when it comes to the cost of the device. When compared to other such devices in the market, this detector is too expensive.

Advantages Over Competition

Not Detectable – With the radar detector detectors used by the cops these days, you are bound to get caught when you are using a radar detector to escape a speeding ticket. The Redline radar uses superior technology which prevents it from being detected by such detectors.

Long Warning – This detector provided one of the longest ranges of warning. It picks radar signals from a wide range, thus giving you more time than other detectors.

Low False Alarms – The biggest complaint you would receive from a radar detector user, is about the false signals it picks up. This detector however does not pick up unnecessary signals, thereby reducing the number of false alarms.

Easy To Use – The installation, mounting and settings are all very user friendly. There are no detailed multiple steps to get the device to start working. Just plug it in and start using it right away.

Picks Pop Signals – this device picks pop signals very efficiently, thereby saving you from those quick detections that other devices fails to pick up.

Warns With Clarity – When the detector picks a signal, it issues out an alarm along with the details of the signal picked. It gives details such as what type of signal is picked, the strength of the signal. Armed with information, you can act accordingly.

Adjustable Brightness – The brightness of the display screen can be adjusted and set at a low lit display at night. This prevents you from getting caught by a cop who is keeping an eye out for such detectors.

TSR – The Redline radar detector is equipped with traffic sensor rejection, which effectively rejects the k-band signals received from other high end vehicles.

Quick Warning – Once the detector picks a signal, it sends out a warning in less than a second. This combined with a long range, gives you enough time to react.


There are a number of radar detectors in the market today. While many are sending out false alarms and irritating the drivers and passengers, this detector from Escort issues very little false alarms. You can also mute the alarms, thereby saving your sanity while driving.

Though priced a little high for any individual’s liking, it out performs other devices in the market. The value for money is high as if efficiently saves you from getting speeding tickets. When you are safe from the law, have a peaceful drive and get enough warnings well ahead in time, it is worth spending a little extra.

This Escort redline review aims to give you enough details about this detector in comparison to other such detectors in the market. This information will enable you to make a well informed decision when you want to buy a radar detector that can effectively prevent you from getting a speeding ticket.

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