Cobra SPX 5500 Radar/Laser Detector Review – 2017


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Have you ever been caught for over speeding?

You must have seen other vehicles going as fast as you too, but slowed down just when they were getting close to the cop on the road, thus avoiding being caught.

Ever wondered how they did it or did you just give the credit to “luck”?

  • These clever motorists/ drivers who avoid being detected for over speeding don’t have immense luck, they just own a radar detector. Law enforcement use radar based devices to gauge the speed of the vehicle, with the help of radio waves. These devices can be hand held or mounted on a vehicle or even a post.
  • The radar detector uses superheterodyne microwave receivers that detect the electromagnetic waves from the radar guns. These receivers are tuned into the frequencies used by the police forces, and thus enable you to know when there is a police radar around. Once you know there is a speed checking radar, you can slow down, thus avoiding the speed tickets.
  • Radars are not the only devices used by the police to detect speed, lasers are used too. Lasers use Lidar beams and these can be used only within close proximities. This means, the beam will be in your path and not at some far off point. This makes it difficult to be detected when you are still miles away from the checking point.
  • [PDF]SPX 5500 – Cobra User Manual and Codes to download

But when you have a radar cum laser detector by your side, you have very little to worry about. You can test the speed of your vehicle without getting any tickets as the SPX 5500 Ultra – High performance radar/laser detector from Cobra can prevent you from getting speeding tickets.

Best Features of Cobra SPX 5500

Cobra has been a well known brand in the radar detector industry, for quite a few years. Some of the best features of the Cobra spx 5500 are:

Dual Device – This device can detect both radar and Lidar (laser). This enables you to avoid a speeding ticket irrespective of what device the police are using in that road to check the speed.

Improved Detection – Compared to the previous models, this series can detect radars and lidars, for almost double the distance. The warning time given to the driver is also higher. This gives you more time to reduce your speed and avoid last minute decisions.

Digiview – The text displayed on the system is in digital format. It is easily readable when you are driving, and doesn’t require you to focus much.


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Pop Mode Radar Gun Detection – This latest technology in the radar detector helps it to recognize even pop radars. Pop radars take lesser time to scan, than the regular radars. Hence, even if you are too fast for the radar, a pop radar might catch you. The Cobra spx 5500 ensures you don’t.

Signal Strength Meter – The detector is built with a signal strength meter that tells you how close the radar is. This enables you to know the distance at which the radar is, and you can slow down accordingly.

Voice Alert – Specific band widths are announced, thus alerting you even without you having to take your eyes off the road, to check the detector.

Quick Sweep – The device is built with an efficient CPU that can sweep the entire radar band of the police in as little as 240 milliseconds.

Compact – This detector from Cobra weighs a mere 4 ounce and measures 1.33×2.83×4.15 inches.

Negative Points

X Band – The device can also scan for X band which is not really necessary. As this band is not used in many places, the detector keeps scanning for it and wastes time. It also results in a number of false alarms.

Display Not Bright – The display does not have a strong backlight. This makes it difficult to read during daylight when the sun is bright.

Can’t Withstand Cold – When exposed to very cold temperatures for a prolonged period of time (like overnight), the detector does not work until you have driven for at least 20 minutes.

False Alerts – As this detector can detect almost any signal or band, it results in a number of false alarms. When you have to constantly reduce your speed, only to find out it was a false alarm, your driving experience is ruined.

Noisy – Though the manufacturer boasts of low noise for this model, the device emits more noise as the time goes by. You can see a noticeable difference in the decibel, within the first two weeks of use itself.

Rail Alert – The railroad alert keeps going off even if a railways track is detected at a distance. In a place surrounded by railroads, this results in constant warnings and false alarms. This makes it very annoying to be hooked into your car while driving.

Picks Camera And GPS Signals – When you use your camera or GPS near this reader, it keeps warning. This makes it very difficult to use your devices in the car and get the best out of the detector at the same time.

Advantages Over Competition

There are a number of such devices in the market, to help you avoid speeding tickets. However, the Cobra spx 5500 is better in the following ways:

Sleek And Small – For a dual detector, this device is very sleek and small when compared to other such detectors in the market. This makes it easier to mount and does not occupy much space.

Higher Range – The range of detection is much more than other models in the market. This gives you more time to act and effectively prevents you from getting a ticket.

Detects Them All – This detector can detect all radar and laser guns used in the whole of United States and Canada. It can even detect the pop radars, thus keeping you safe from getting a speeding ticket, throughout.

Strength Meter – Unlike many other devices in the market that only warns you about the presence of radar in the proximity, this device tells you how far the radar is. This way, you know where the detection point is and can slow down accordingly.


Radar and Lidar detectors can come in very handy to avoid getting a speeding ticket. When a device can detect both signals efficient, in the whole country, you can use the device on any of your road trips. You don’t have to use different devices as you cross each border.

  • The Cobra spx 5500 is versatile and keep you ticket free in the whole of United States and Canada. Now, that’s a perfect companion for those long road trips or the test drives in your new car/bike.
  • Though detecting all signals can be a major disadvantage for those who don’t to slow down unnecessarily, it helps you avoid detections by any device. This way, you are safe no matter what device the police are using, at what frequency. It gives you an all around protections and warns you well ahead of time.
  • This product is suitable for those who don’t mind slowing down due to false alarms and are mainly concerned about avoiding a speeding ticket at any cost. When you are warned in the last minute, there is nothing much you can do. Also, such warnings may cause accidents, when you are desperate to slow down to avoid getting caught.

With this device, you are safe from the cops as well as unnecessary last minute actions.

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