Escort Passport Max2 Review: The best all-in-one (2017)

Driving within the stipulated speed limits is for our own safety.

But, driving within the limit is not for all, some want to test the limits of their cars or bikes. Sometimes, speeding is just pure fun.

What about the police on the roads, checking the vehicle’s speed and giving you a speeding ticket?

Can you avoid that?

Yes, it can be avoided, thanks to Escort Max ll HD Radar Detector. This radar detector helps in identifying radar guns at wide ranges, so as to warn you. When you know there is a cop around checking your speed, you can slow down to the given limit and avoid getting a ticket.

Not only does this device warn you about the radars on your path, but also gives you advance information, by constantly updating the information received from other users. With such a constant check and information about the radars on the road, you can enjoy driving above the speed limit and never get a ticket.

Best Features of Escort Passport Max 2:

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Some of the impressive features of the Escort Passport Max 2 are:

Bluetooth Technology – This device is up-to-date when it comes to technology. It has an inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity, which enables you to use the Escort live app. This is a network where other users of the device are linked.

Escort Live – When someone spots a cop or knows about a speed checking point, they share the details on this app. This enables everyone using the app to get this update immediately. Thus, you can get a real time feed about the various speed checking points and not worry about getting caught.

The escort passport 2 also has data regarding the various speed limits in the areas. This enables you to know the speed limit in the area you are driving in.

Well Mapped – Apart from detecting radars, this device even provides you up-to-date mapping of the signals and speed cameras located anywhere in North America. If you are driving in this vicinity, your device is enough to tell you where the next red light is, where the speed cameras are and also pick up signals of other radar guns on the road.

Graphic Display – The display in the device is not only bright, but is colourful too. This enables you to know different threats at just a glance. You can also customise the device by changing the backlight according to your choice. You can change it to match the interiors or choose a contrasting colour.

Dual Detection – The Escort Passport Max 2 can detect both radars and lasers, thus covering you well when it comes to getting caught for speeding. The speed detecting guns use either radar waves or lasers to check the speed of the vehicles and when this is detected, you can slow down and avoid getting caught.

Quick Learning – It learns to ignore false alarms, very quickly. After passing stationary signals a few times, it learns to ignore it the next time and does not warn you.

– Download the PDF User Manual: [PDF] Max2 Owners Manual*.indd – ESCORT Radar

Negative Points

  1. Range Not Sufficient – The range of radar detection by this device is not very impressive. It is very effective at times and not so effective at other times. Hence, a little risky.
  2. Not An Effective Laser Detector – This device, though designed to detect both radar and laser, is not very efficient on the laser front. It does not detect lasers as effectively as radars.
  3. Low Noise – The radar voice/ sound is not very loud. This makes it hard to hear a warning when your music system is on or when you have loud company in the car.
  4. Display Not Effective At Day – Though the display has the colour changing facility, it not very easy to read in daylight. The bright light makes it almost impossible to read what is displayed on the screen.
  5. Senses Blind Spots – The new vehicles on the roads have blind spot sensors on them and this detector picks those signals and sounds the alarm. This results in not only many false alarms, but also a hindrance to driving on the whole.
  6. Different Colour – The colour you see online while placing the order is not what you get. The shades are different, hence trying to choose a colour based on your car colour, is pointless.
  7. Poor Quality – The body of the detector is made of poor quality material. This results in easy damages and breaking of the unit.
  8. Signal Identifiable – This is not a very stealth unit as the detector sends out radar signature. This signal can be detected by the law enforcement when a radar detector -detector is used. This can land you in trouble with the law even if you control your speed wherever needed.

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Advantages Over Competition

  1. App Enabled – not every device in the market is connected to an app. This app connects you to other drivers on the road with this device. You get constant updates and sufficient information to help you decide where to drive at what speed.
  2. Weekly Updates – The data on this device, such as the red lights, speed detection meter, etc are updated on a weekly basis. This way, you are up-to-date about your roads and are not met with any surprises. You don’t have to make do with any outdated data.
  3. Easy Mount – Mounting this device on to the windshield of your car is no challenge. It is simple and does not take much of your time.
  4. Quick Detection – It is one of the best detectors in the market. Once it picks a signal, be it radar or laser, you are notified immediately, without any lapse in time. This saves you some precious seconds, in which you can slow down and avoid getting a ticket.
  5. Sensitive – The Escort Passport Max 2 is one of the most sensitive detectors in the market today. It not only picks up radar signals very quickly, it also rejects the signals arising from fixed sources. This reduces the number of false alarm instances.
  6. Multi Color Display – While most of the devices in the market have a single colour display that makes it hard to read when you are speeding or in broad daylight, this device has different colors. Different color lights to indicate different reading, so that you don’t have to lose focus on the roads.


The escort passport 2 is an all in one detector that can save you from getting caught on the roads. It is not just radars and lasers, but it also tells you where the next red light or the speed camera is. Now you are totally protected from the law, on the roads.

  • Though it is on the expensive side, when compared to many other such detectors in the market, it is still preferred by many people. This is because, it is very efficient in detecting signals and helps you save on the long run. What you would spend on speeding tickets would be more than the cost of this device. Hence it is a one-time instalment to avoid unwanted expenses (speeding tickets) in the future.
  • With a live app that can be connected to via your smart phone, you are fed with real time data by other users on the roads. Any new check points or change in location by the cops, you can be notified if a fellow user happens to spot it.

If you are looking for an effective radar detector that can protect you from the law and save you from getting speeding tickets, this is the detector for you. Technologically advanced, efficient, compact and just right for the roads.



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