Escort Passport | The Best Cheap Radar Detector – Review 2017

Radar detectors are increasingly used as devices that aid in safe driving. They are relied upon to prevent not only speeding tickets, but also as devices to increase driving efficiency. The Escort brand of radar detectors is one of the most prominent and popular choices of many drivers and motorists looking for a cost and performance effective radar/ laser detectors.

There is no excuse for rash driving. Increasing number of drivers take to the support radar detectors to keep themselves out of trouble and to be alerted of any threats in the road ahead.

The Escort brand of radar detectors are seen as effective alerting devices which increase the safety and efficiency of the driver.

The warnings issued by these devices increase the alertness of the driver and intend to prevent any potential threat caused by complacent driving.

The Escort brand has some of the best cheap radar detectors in the market which are high on performance and reliable in quality. The Escort Passport is their classic model which still gives a good competitive run to the other radar detector brands in the market.

Best 3 Cheap Radar Detectors:

  1. Escort Passport 8500 X50
  2. Escort Max II HD
  3. Escort Passport 9500Ix

The Escort Max ii HD radar detector, with good features sets a new standard in protecting the drivers from potential speeding tickets. This product with its potential and accuracy for detecting long-range threats increases the driving efficiency to a great extent.

The Escort Passport 9500 IX is GPS enabled and has AutoLearn Intelligence. This detector can be customised according to the preferences of the users.

An overview of the Escort best cheap radar detectors:

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The Escort Passport 8500 X50 radar detector:

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The Escort Passport 8500 X50 is one of the most long standing radar detectors in the market today.

The compact design and high performance are testimony enough for its popularity. It provides a very good and comfortable range and accuracy in detecting radar bands.

It was one of the first models to include features for detecting instant-on radars like the POP mode. The V- tuned radar receivers provide good coverage of x, k and ka-radar bands. However, there is a slight drawback in the Escort Passport in that it does not provide for non-radar alerts.

The Escort Passport can easily be touted as one of the most popular and best cheap radar detectors because of its maximum range detection and minimum false alerts. The device does well in detecting laser signals too. The Passport comes as a ready to use product which also can be customised to suit individual driver preferences and comfort.

The Escort Passport has a simple deign and comes with easy to use functionalities. This device from Escort is very affordable. Though it may not have many fancy features as with the latest radar detectors in the market, it performs the core function of detecting radar and laser signals with great efficiency and decent accuracy.

The Escort Max II HD Radar Detector:

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Nobody likes a speeding ticket.

The Escort Max ll HD from Escort enjoys the reputation of setting a breakthrough standard in ticket protection. The Max ii provides an excellent range and accuracy.

Lack of a built-in GPS is a slight drawback. However, this electronic device does come with built-in Bluetooth technology which can access the Escort Live App from any smartphone.

The advantages of this app are that it comes with a real-time ticket-protection network, which gives timely warning of threats as reported by other app users in the designated area. The app also provides information on speed limits in any area that you are driving across and provides adequate warning when you tend to cross the speed limits.

The Max ii reduces the occurrences of false alarms with efficiency and reliability. Though it is expensive than the other two Escort products, the max II is still considered a decent buy because of its performance reliability and top of the line features.

The Escort Passport 9500 IX Radar/ Laser Detector:

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The Escort Passport 9500IX is a product with a built-in GPS.

The annoying false alarms are greatly reduced in this device. It comes with an AutoLearn function that can automatically recognise and reject false radar indications.

This a performance effective radar detector which detects all the three types of radar bands and even speed traps and speed cameras.

The warnings issued are both visual and audio enabled which give separate warnings for each radar and laser band and efficiently issues traffic safety warnings.

The 9500 IX is most effective in avoiding traffic discrepancies and increases the safety and driving efficiency to a great extent.  For a technologically advanced product like the 9500 IX the pricing is very competitive making it one of the best cheap radar detectors in the Escort products.

The effective performance of the 9500 IX, takes a slight beating because, it does not come equipped to give over speeding alerts and directional alerts.

Concluding thoughts:

Most manufacturers brand their radar detectors as effective, reliable and technologically advanced. The Escort brand of radar detectors live up to these qualities and are high on performance and features.

They come cost-effective at easy affordable prices than many other brands of radar detectors in the market. The customer support offered by Escort is mention worthy. Overall, the Escort radar detectors, acclaimed as the best cheap radar detectors in the market combine technology with easy to use features and controls at very affordable price ranges.

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