Beltronics STi Magnum Radar Detector – 2017 Review


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The Beltronics Sti Magnum is a high performance radar detector that has undergone a lot of technological up gradation and innovations.

It has been in the pioneer of various features like twin forward-facing radar antennae and low noise amplifiers.

It also boasts of being the first radar detector to be undetectable by a radar detector- detector with the help of the TotalShield technology.

Best Features – Beltronics Sti Magnum:

The Beltronics Sti Magnum has a lot of great features that makes it the best in the market.

  • Digital Signal processing:

This Autoscan feature constantly analyses all the incoming signals and classifies the genuine and false ones. After that it actually eliminates those false alarms and offers the perfect output expected from a long-range detector.

  • Ease of Use:

The options and controls available with Bels Sti are easy to use and simple to operate. The Sti magnum features can also be optimized according to your requirements and driving styles.

  • Laser Protection feature:

The Sti has multiple laser sensors and gives the ultimate nest generation protection. The sensors are properly placed and are out for constant search of laser gun signals. It also has a standard maximum range and gives a superior out of the axis protection.

  • HD Text Display:

The Sti offers a superior and clear display of texts that can be read with ease from any point of view. It also offers 3 distinctive meter modes to select from.

  • Clear Digital Voice Alerts:

A clear voice alert is most required while driving and it helps you to stay vigilant without being disturbed from your drive. The option of amplified speaker allows a clear digital voice alert in particularly noisy surroundings.

  • AutoMute feature:

In certain scenarios loud voice might distract you, in such cases, the AutoMute feature available allows you to instantly mute the audio by pressing the large mute button mounted on the front of the detector.

  • City Mode Filtering feature:

The Sti comes with two different levels of filters that include City Standard filter and the City NoX filter that allows to reduce the noise levels during operations in the city or its surrounding areas.

  • Brightness and Light Adjustment feature:

The Sti actually offers four levels of brightness that can be selected according to the place of operation. The modes include auto mode, full dark mode, maximum brightness, etc.,

  • Strong built body:

The BEL Sti is built up of a robust metal case, which is strong enough to resist windshield operations. Also the control buttons are properly placed to enable the user to operate them with ease and comfort.

  • Selectable Band Defeat Feature:

This is yet another unique feature of Sti that helps to deactivate radar band and enhance the Sti magnum’s endurance to false alarms.

  • Escort Live App:

The Sti is compatible with Escort Live App that generates alerts on non-radar threats that includes red-light cameras and speed traps.


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Download the User Manual here: [PDF]STi Magnum Owners Manual – Beltronics

Negative Points: 

The Beltronics Sti Magnum has a number of special and unique features that makes it the best in the market. But is has to be noted that even the best has some hitches. The Sti also some very minute drawbacks attached to it.

  • It lacks GPS:

With its entire advanced and enhanced feature the Sti lacks the GPS feature that tracks the Geographical positioning of the equipment. This happens to be a slight disadvantage to the Bels Sti.

  • Quite Pricey:

The Sti seems to be slightly on a pricey side. But with all its enhanced features and innovations, it actually proves worth to its cost. The only drawback is it cannot be owned freely by all due to its pricing.

Advantages over Competition:

When speaking about market competition and competitors the only product that would give a close competition is the Valentine one. And the Beltronics Sti Magnum has a lot of features that outweigh the features of Valentine one. Let us have close look at the advantages of Sti over its competitors.

  • When it comes to radar range, Bels Sti emerges to be clear winner. Sti is always the best at detecting X- and K-bands, while most of its competitors trail behind.
  • And while dealing with radars from indefinite directions, Sti again has a great advantage over the competitors who are quite good at handling radars from ideal conditions and directions. But when it comes to radars that come from behind, Sti emerges to be the best.
  • The Bels Sti uses the dual radar antennas to enhance its performance and is the pioneer and one among the only four detectors that are immune to radar detector –detectors. This gives it an edge over the competitors.
  • Though being a non-GPS device, the Sti is compatible with Escort Live and includes latest technologies like in-built Bluetooth that can be linked to a phone that pairs with the Sti and makes it get the GPS benefits.
  • The Beltronics Sti magnum is the best at detecting long-distance radars and also in detecting off-axis radars.
  • When considering the features of user-friendliness and ease of operation, the Bels Sti surpasses all the other competitors in the market.
  • The Sti also has a self-test diagnosis feature that protects it from over-heating unlike its other competitors who lack this feature.
  • At conditions where the radar detectors require service or maintenance, the Bels Sti gives out a warning message stating “ Service required” and shuts down to protect it from possible damage. But the competitors in the market lack this diagnosis software that gives out a security warning.


The Beltronics Sti Magnum is the best in the market when it comes to choosing a user-friendly, effective and safe radar detector. The various unique features make it the best of the best. With a cost-effective budget pricing and fully loaded features, the Sti remains to be the most suitable radar for entry-level radar detectors.

The technology that makes it resistant to over-heating and also the ability to stay undiscoverable by RDD’s makes it the perfect radar for stealthy operations. The add-on features like the control buttons mounted on the front makes the maneuver of the equipment easy and simple.

The innovative ability of the Sti and its upgraded technologies together take the radar detector to the top position in the market.  It is compatible with the Escort Live App and this wipes out the absence of GPS system in the Sti. This makes it the most efficient radar detector with almost no drawbacks.

The ability of the Bels Sti to detect long-distance radars and even radars off the axis mark makes it the best suitable radar for use even in the most non-ideal conditions. Its dual radar antenna makes it a radar detector with sensors in all the directions.

So be it an entry-level application or a condition, which requires the latest radar detector, uploaded with the latest innovations and technologies, the Beltronics Sti Magnum proves to be the best and ultimate choice.

With a lot of radar detectors out in the market it is normal for one to get confused as to what is the best radar detector to choose for an efficient and safe operation. So here comes the ultimate answer to their question –  “For all the folks out there with a passion towards driving, the Beltronics Sti magnum would be your best and efficient travelling partner”. Our selection of TOP 5 Radar Detectors to BUY!

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