Whistler Cr90 Laser Radar Detector – 2017 Review

Speeding on the road, testing the speed limits of your vehicle is fun as long as you don’t get a speeding ticket.

Ever worried about pushing down that accelerator because there might a cop around the corner holding out a radar gun?

With the Whistler Cr90 laser radar detector, you are safe to speed as much as you want and never have to worry about getting caught.

This detector will efficiently warn you about radar guns on the road and enable you to slow down at the right spots, thus effectively avoiding getting tickets.

Whistler, a very well known name in the radar detectors industry has come up with a number of radar detectors with state of the art features. These are not only efficient in saving you from a speeding ticket, but are technically advanced too.

Be it the design, features or user interface, this manufacturer ensures it gives you only the best.

Best Features – Whistler Cr90 laser radar detector

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The Whistler Cr90 Laser Radar Detector is loaded with a number of features. Some of the vest features this product boasts about are:

  1. GPS – The device has an in-built GPS system that alerts you about the various red lights on the road. The traffic camera locations are also updated based on your route, thus ensuring you don’t get caught for breaking any rules on the road.
  2. KA Band – The KA band sensitivity is high on this device. This will effectively detect radars operating in this frequency, and warn you well ahead in time.
  3. Customise Settings – Like any other detector, this device picks on signals (lane change and proximity) from other new vehicles too. This can result in your alarm going off constantly, thus spoiling your entire driving experience.  In the Whistler Cr90 laser radar detector, you can change this setting. By disabling this feature, you can save yourself from getting annoyed by the constant alarms.
  4. Multiple Modes – This device has 3 different city modes and a highway mode. You can change into the required mode, as and when you desire. If you feel the road you are driving on is more risky, in terms of speed checking, switch to a more sensitive mode, and you are safe!
  5. The number of radars differs within city limits and on the highways. Thus a detector which can be tuned to the change in needs is just perfect.
  6. Filter Modes – This detector has six different filter modes, which ensures the false alarms are as low as possible. These filter modes filter out signals from other radar detectors and focuses only on radars and lasers.
  7. Audio Jack – Whistler Cr90 laser radar detector has an external audio jack. If you are driving with the windows down or with loud company, you may miss out on a warning emanating from your detector. In order to avoid this, use an earphone and stay undetected.
  8. Battery Saver – It has an in-built battery saver mode. If you forget to switch off the detector once you turn off your engine, it will automatically shut down within 3 hours. This way, the battery is saved and you don’t have to be stuck with a detector without charge, on your next drive.
  9. Self Test – The device runs through a self test every time you turn it on.

Download the User Manual: [PDF]Whistler GPS Radar Detectors Users Manual – Solid Signal

Negative Points

  1. False Alerts – Despite the number of filter modes, this device sends out false alarms a number of times. Too many alarms, does not only prevent you from speeding, but also disturb your conversation and focus on the roads.
  2. Doesn’t Last Long – The device does not work at its best for more than a few days or months. The device needs constant rebooting or time to warm up when you turn it on in the morning.
  3. Bad Quality – The quality of the material used to make this device is not very good. This results in a number of damages, thus preventing you from enjoying this device for a long time.
  4. Value For Money – With many other such detectors in the market, at a much lesser price, customers don’t feel this device is worth the price. Especially due to the false alerts that really disturbs the driver.
  5. No Over Speed Alert – There is no alarm to let you know when you cross the speed limit on the road you are driving on. Different roads have different speed limits and you never know when you are over the mark, and at a risk of being caught.
  6. No Apps – This device does not have any community app connected to it. Hence, you cannot get real time updates regarding any speed checking or police on the roads.
  7. Manual Not Sufficient – The information given in the manual is not sufficient to fix up the device and understand the various features. More details about the device along with how each feature can be used to the maximum benefit, should be given.
  8. Requires Tuning – There are a number of features on this device and many have to be tuned, to suit your needs. Tuning them is not only cumbersome but consumes a lot of your precious time as well, as they are not very easy to interpret.

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Advantages Over Competition

  1. Dim/Dark Mode – you can set the backlight to dim or dark. This facilitates comfortable driving in the night as you will not have a bright light at close proximity, while driving.
  2. Stay Alert – You don’t have to worry about driving alone in the night and dozing off at the wheel. This device beeps every two minutes, to keep you alert. If you don’t turn it off within a few seconds, the alarm will go off. This constant sequence will ensure you don’t fall asleep at the wheel.
  3. Prioritize – When the Whistler Cr90 laser radar detector detects a number of signals, it prioritizes and alerts you accordingly.
  4. Mode Selection – The device has a number of modes, be it in terms of detection or other operations such as x-band, K-band, etc.
  5. Easy Setup – Setting up this device is very simple and straight forward. You can just plug it in and use it right away. Unlike many other devices that have a detailed set up process, this one is user friendly.


When you want to drive over the speed limit, be it the highway or your city roads, your main aim is to avoid getting a speeding ticket. This device helps you avoid those radar and laser guns by effectively reading the signals and warning you well ahead in time. There is no time lost in transition; hence you are alerted the instant the detector picks a new signal.

It is common to infer a number of signals when you are on a road, especially when your detector has a wide range. This detector does not confuse you by displaying all the signals at a go but prioritizes instead.

For a safe drive on the highways, be it to avoid getting a ticket or to not fall asleep on the wheel, this device is the perfect buy. With the constant alerts, it keeps you awake and prevents untoward happenings on the roads.

When you don’t want to spend a fortune buying different devices for different needs, you need one that has it all. This is an all in one device which is a must have when you want a variety of features from a single device. Get the best radar detector on THIS page!


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