The Best and Most Recommended Radar Detector – 2023 list

Not everyone wants to violate the speed limit but sometimes you might over speed without your knowledge as in case of an emergency or simply because you missed a sign. Whatever the reason, the police laser is not going to spare you as a proper speed limit is important for your own safety.

Save yourself from speeding tickets and a lot more trouble with a Radar or a laser detector which will keep you informed of laser speed guns in the vicinity. Read on as we review five of the best laser detectors that you can buy yourself.

The Best 5 Radar Detectors (for 2023)

  1. Escort Passport 9500IX Radar/Laser Detector
  2. Whistler Cr90 Laser Radar Detector
  3. Beltronics 015007-6 STi Magnum Radar Detector
  4. Escort RedLine Radar Detector
  5. Cobra Electronics SPX 5500 Ultra-High performance Radar/Laser detector

While police radars use guns that emit radio waves to detect the speed of a vehicle, a Radar detector scans for these wave frequencies nearby and gives you a heads up. We have handpicked five of the best radar detector 2016 and reviewed them so that you can choose the best one that suits your needs.

  1. Escort Passport 9500IX Radar/Laser Detector (Black)

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A super high-end detector is what you get in an Escort passport 9500IX laser detector.

Protect yourself from radars to red lights and speed cameras while the GPS filter will give you peace of mind from annoying false alerts.

Stay informed with crystal clear voice alerts and a high resolution display.


  • Database – It has a database with an exhaustive list of common speed trapsand also has community sharing
  • No false alerts – No more driving times filled with annoying beeps
  • Intelligent –Record false alerts with a push of a button
  • Multi-detector – It can also detect speed cameras and red light cameras
  • Easy to install –Can be easily mounted either on your windshield or on the dashboard


  • Interference –It can give you false alerts if your vehicle has a lot of radio frequency interference
  • Expensive – It is more expensive than some other detectors in the segment 
  1. Whistler Cr90 Laser Radar Detector

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If you need a budget-friendly laser detector that is packed with features, then the Whistler Cr90 is your best bet.

You can tap its fullest potential with its 3 city modes, a city mode and 5 filter modes. In fact, you can also protect yourself from being detected when you use the stealth mode.

Flow Signal rejection (TFSR) will eliminate false alerts and the user-friendly OLED display gives you details of the signals.


  • GPS –Filters out false alerts and protects you from radars, red light and speed light cameras
  • Modes – Three different city modes and a highway mode improves sensitivity while driving under different conditions
  • StayAlert – Keeps you focused and alert with the use of alarms
  • External audio jack – Improve the clarity of your alerts by connecting the detector to your car’s speaker system
  • Value for money – This has enough featurespacked in it for under $200


  • No community sharing app –It lacks the community sharing app that helps one share and receive alerts from other users in real time
  • No over speed alert – It only protects you from radars but does not detect over speeding of your vehicle
  1. Beltronics STi Magnum Radar Detector

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Stay undetected, yet detect every laser gun out there with the Beltronics STi Magnum Radar Detector.

Dual antennae will detect signals that are even 14 miles away while a built-in digital signal processor with auto-scan features detects every signal accurately and discards false ones.

From pricier high end models to budget-friendly ones the STi magnum falls somewhere in between but with some fantastic features to keep you safe from radars while on the road.


  • Long range detection – This is perfect to keep you informed well ahead of a threat
  • False alert detection – Lets you drive without intermittent beeps caused by false alarms
  • Community sharing – Escort live application lets share alerts with other users
  • TotalShield – This makes your detector undetectable 


  • No GPS – You cannot save false alerts or share alerts but you can connect it via Bluetooth to your smartphone to do this
  • Faulty suction cups – Some users have trouble mounting with the suction cups provided                                       
  1. Escort RedLine Radar Detector

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The Escort RedLine is the perfect answer if you need a radar detector with a fantastic range and one that is super user-friendly.

Sometimes detecting well ahead of a threat is more important to keep you safe from over speeding penalties. Add to that some great features and you have a good mid-range radar detector.


  • Best range – Dual radar antennae ensures that signals even at a distance of 14 miles can be detected
  • Total Shield – Stay undetected with total shield technology as these radar are banned in the US
  • POP signals – Even pop signals are detected and alerted with full signal strength
  • TSR (Traffic sensor reduction)–The TSR feature can be turned on if you experience a lot of false alerts
  • Easy to use – Simple operations for ease of use


  • No GPS – It does not offer protection from non-radar sources such as speed traps, red light cameras and speed cameras
  • False alerts – Though false alerts on the road is low, interference from garage doors can sometimes trigger a false alarm
  1. Cobra Electronics SPX 5500 Ultra-High performance Radar/Laser detector

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Nothing in your way will go undetected when you have the Cobra electronics SPX 5500.

Protect yourself from both radar guns and laser speed guns. What’s more, the detector has safe shielding technology to safeguard you from detection.


  • 14 band detection – You get a lot of coverage as you get alerts on 7 radar bands, 6 lasers and 1 safety band
  • Alerts – Differentdigital voice and audio tone alerts for radar, laser, and POP lets you drive without constantly looking at the display
  • Dim mode – Give your eyes a break from bright light with the dim mode option
  • Modes – You can switch between city and highway modes to increase the sensitivity according to driving conditions


  • Delayed alert – Some users have noticed that the detector sometimes gives the alert way past a laser gun giving no time to double-check the speed
  • False alerts – Turning on the POP mode increases the number of false alerts and hence needs to be turned off when not required


The Escort Passport 9500IX Radar/Laser Detector emerges as the best radar detector 2016with an under $500 price tag that is totally road-ready.

Choose the Whistler Cr90 for a budget-friendly detector chock full of features. The BeltronicsSTi Magnum is perfect for those who look for a good mid-range detector with a lot of features. If a good range is what you want, then go for the Escort redline or the Cobra Electronics SPX 5500 for a pocket-friendly option.

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