Escort Passport 9500IX Radar/Laser Detector (Black) Review – 2017

False alerts are a thing of the past with the Escort Passport 9500IX radar detector.

Here is a detector that will confound the police.

This state of art device is preloaded with the locations of all the red lights and speed cameras in North America.

That is not all; it is intelligent enough to quickly differentiate between false and real alarms and thereby save you the trouble of jerky slowdowns and related heartache.

Whenever the topic of the 9500IX comes up, it is instantly compared with Valentine V1. The radar industry is not dynamic like the rest of the electronics market; hence radar’s do not change so often.

That is the reason the V1 has ruled the market for a very long time before Escort Passport overtook it. Not one but in several ways the Escort is far superior to the V1.

To know why and how the Passport 9500IX is the best radar detector in town, read the review below and you will agree that hype is justified.

Best features – Escort Passport 9500IX:

The Escort Passport 9500IX is a device which is alert always and is aware of its surroundings be it in the city or on the highway. The Max has several features that set it apart in a class of its own.

  • Distinguishes multiple types of radars: Unlike other detectors which start beeping near automatic doors in shopping malls, garages at home and other places, the Max will refrain from making noise. It gives you the choice of either auto locking these signals or manually locking them to prevent false alerts in future.

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  • Crystal Clear Voice Alerts: You will never blame the device for another missed alert for poor audio. The Max’s distinct audio gives alerts and menu options in Spanish and English. This way your eyes will never be off the road; a must for safe driving.
  • GPS system: The device gives you the exact distance and direction of the police radar from your vehicle and also memorizes this location for future reference. The system is sensitive enough to adjust the signal strength in accordance with the speed of your vehicle.
  • Motorcycle adaptable: You can use the same device for your motorcycle also. You can plug in headphones into the jack on the side of the device and listen to audio alerts and maintain the optimum speed to escape the police radars.
  • Mounting is a breeze: It is by far the easiest detector to mount on your windshield. It is easy to adjust the angle too to ensure that the GPS receives the best possible signal. It can also be easily be removed by just clicking a button. This way you can use it another vehicle also.
  • Intelligent audio alert: You can tailor the device to stop giving alerts once an announcement has been made and activate only when out of range of the previous signal. The device is smart enough to detect the ambient noise in the car and adjust the loudness of the alerts according to it.
  • Detects 4 types of threats: It is probably the only radar detector that is able to detect radar, laser, induction loop, and photo-based threats while the other detectors can only detect the radar and to a certain extent the laser gun.
  • Multi color OLED display: The display is clear and visible in any light conditions.
  • Intelligent power cord: It acts as a secondary control and has LED lights to alert you
  • Auto learn features: This feature actually helps the device minimize the false alarms. It is intelligent enough to lock a frequency as a false alarm once it picks up the same frequency from a flagged location. It will show the locked frequency on the LED monitor for your reference.
  • Comprehensive owner manual: The manual has answers to all your queries regarding the usage and set up of the device. Instructions are clear and simple to follow.

Thus, you can see the number of positives the Escort has and the reason it is so popular among motorists across the country.

Download the User Manual: [PDF]9500ix Owners Manual-Red&Blue*.indd – ESCORT Radar

Negative Features

It is very idealistic to wish for a device that has no negatives at all. Therefore though the Passport 9500IX is a great device it has a few cons that can’t be neglected.

  • Cost: The device is very pricey when compared with its nearest rival. Yes, people have invested in it despite its cost and vouch for its effectiveness but you should remember that having such an expensive gadget is not a must if you can change your driving habits.
  • Paid Update: You can update the passport for free only the first 3 months after its purchase; after that you need to pay a subscription fee.
  • Compatibility issues: The software for updates is compatible only with the Windows and not Mac.
  • No over-speed alert: The over speed alert makes you an astute and alert driver; with its absence your reliance on the gadget becomes crippling at times if the device malfunctions for whatever reason.

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Advantages over competition

  • This Escort is worth every penny because a lot of thought has gone into making this device such a powerful RD. This radar detector has a rear antenna that can pick up signals from the rear too and give highly accurate reading on the device.
  • The autolearn feature is another much appreciated feature because it minimizes all the false alarms substantially. This makes you a more relaxed and confident driver.
  • Now here is one radar detector that is compatible for your bike too. Just plug in the headphone in the jack in the side and listen to the audible commands as your zip through.
  • It is easy to use by the novice, the expert and the ultra expert as it gives information pertinent to your level of understanding. For example the ultra expert can find out the exact frequency of the radar while for the expert it shows three signal bars pertaining to three radars that are detected and the strength of the signal. You can choose the auto mode and not the expert mode to prevent any confusion if you are novice.
  • TruLock GPS Filter: In addition to the auto learn you can manually lock a false alert frequency with the truLock filter to ignore any alerts from this radar frequency and location.

All these features make the Passport 9500IX far superior to its closest rivals.


  • The Passport 9500 IX is suited for those who love to drive and drive fast.  If you are one of the few who get into a meditative stupor when you drive down a long and lonely highway, you will be thankful to the 9500. It has you covered; its alerts are timely and accurate thereby giving you sufficient time to get your act together and pass a state trooper like a law abiding decent citizen.
  • The sheer comfort and protection that the 9500IX offers is so unique that you will never want to drive without one mounted on your windshield. The Escort Live App that keeps you in loop with real time updates on speed traps, cameras, laser guns and red light down the route along with the barely present false alarms and the adequate GPS makes driving pleasurable.
  • Be assured that you will never be fined for over speeding when the Escort Passport 9500IX radar detector rests on your windshield. For all those city and highway use this GPS enabled long range RD is a blessing.

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