Escort Max 360 Radar Detector (Black) Review – 2016

The only thing between a thrilling drive and you is the dreaded ticket that the police will hand over if you are caught over speeding.

But thanks to the invention of radar detectors you can take your chances with speed.

Invest in the best radar detector in the market, the Max 360 from Escort. This product is the perfect combination of style, especially the black colored one, and substance.

When you have the Escort Max 360 Radar Detector (Black) you can go on several peaceful drives never having to worry about been chased by the cops ever again.

It is pricey but well worth every cent spent on it. It is accurate; a quick learner that detects false alerts on your daily route and desists from beeping when it encounters them. Its intuitive app makes driving safe and pleasurable.

Do you want to know more about this device that can stand between a pricey over speeding ticket and freedom? Here below are the features that make this Escort such a “must-have” device in your car.

The most appealing features of the Escort Max 360

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It is not hype that the Escort is one of the most powerful radar detectors in the present times. There are several reasons to prove this claim:

  • Filters False alerts: While all radar detectors do filter false alerts eventually, the Escort is the most effective in doing that. We are surrounded by radar waves and it becomes essential that your device distinguish between the speed traps and false alarms.
  • Directional Alerts: The alert tells you the exact direction of the radar whether it is front back or left or right side. The color of the arrow also tells the kind of radar that was detected. This spatial awareness allows you to adjust your speed and drive accordingly.
  • OLED Display: The color display makes reading the information easy irrespective of the lighting condition.
  • Defender database: The database warns the driver of thousands of red light and speed camera locations in North America thereby having a huge advantage with respect to other detectors which rely only on the device’s range.

The not so appealing factors in the Escort Max 360

The device has several positive features which make it a must buy for those who love to drive fast. But the few negatives that you can’t ignore in the Escort max 360 radar detector are:

  • Compulsory subscription to escort live app: To enjoy the 360 degree protection claimed by the device you must pair your device with your Smartphone and download the Escort Live app. The app is free but the defender database comes with a hefty subscription.
  • Slow reacting arrows: The direction arrows react slowly when the position of the radar changes thereby failing to provide accurate and timely information.
  • Not compatible with Hondas and Acuras: If you own a Honda or a Acura that have the blind spot monitoring wrecks havoc with the radar detecting ability of the Max 360 is practically unusable.

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Advantages over competition

A very useful feature of the Escort Max 360 radar detector is its sensitivity to speed; the auto setting automatically adjusts to the speed you are driving at thereby reducing false alerts to a great extent.

The rear facing antenna gives you complete protection on the back and you can be sure that you will never be surprised by a cop from behind.

You can control your driving and be a safe driver with the Max when you use the Escort live app because you can set your own speed limit in it. The alerts will ensure that you never go faster than you should and thereby always stay on the right side of the law.

[PDF]Max360 Black Owners Manual.indd – ESCORT Radar


If you are looking for a device that is truly worth its money, then the Escort Max 360 radar detector is the one. It is by far the best radar detector in use today. It is pricey no doubt but in the long run it will save you several speeding tickets and in the process the money involved too.

When you use the Escort you can also be a more controlled and a better driver because of its over–speed alert which will heighten your alertness. Directional alerts, GPS, Bluetooth and Defenders Database ensure that you have a smooth ride.

The escort is slightly overpriced and has minor issues with GPS and slow reacting arrows and poor quality buttons but it doesn’t fail in alerting you each and every time it detects police radar. And isn’t that why you want a RD – to be alerted to the police presence on your route and drive accordingly.

So if price is not a bone of contention you can invest in this radar detector and have peace of mind.

Jimmy M.
Escort Max 360

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